Zefal Z-liner 27mm Tire Liner - Hybrid

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Upgrade your hybrid biking experience with the Zefal Z-liner 27mm Tire Liner, priced at $34.95. This deluxe tire liner is engineered to provide exceptional puncture resistance, ensuring a smooth and worry-free ride on your hybrid bike. The dual-layer Micro-Shell technology makes it 2x tougher, delivering enhanced durability and protection.

Featuring anti-puncture bands with softer sides, the Z-liner facilitates easy tire fitting while the ultra-soft inner layer cushions the inner tube, adding comfort to your hybrid biking adventures. The hardened outer layer acts as a formidable shield against road debris, thorns, rim cuts, glass, nails, and other sharp objects commonly encountered on hybrid routes.

Packaged in pairs, the Zefal Z-liner is recognized as the world's most advanced bicycle tire liner, providing comprehensive coverage for both front and rear tires. Each box contains two liners, offering unbeatable value for your hybrid cycling needs.

Key Features:

  • Anti-puncture bands with softer sides for effortless tire fitting.
  • Dual-layer Micro-Shell technology for 2x toughness.
  • Hardened outer layer for superior protection against road debris.
  • Ultra-soft inner layer cushions the inner tube for added comfort.
  • Deluxe liner packaged in pairs for complete tire coverage.
  • The world's most advanced bicycle tire liner.

Experience the next level of hybrid biking confidence with the Zefal Z-liner 27mm, your premium choice for superior puncture resistance and tire protection.