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Your Guide To Buying The Most Effective Bike Lights

This year’s scorcher of a summer has come to a close, and with the descent into winter, you can expect shorter days, longer nights and less visibility on the road. There’s no better time to upgrade your bike lights.

Even if you rarely venture out with your bike at night, knowing you’re prepared for unexpected overcast and cloudy days will give you added peace of mind. Here’s what you should be considering.

What the law says

According to Australian Road Rules for bike riders, all bikes should have a front white light that’s visible for a minimum of 200 metres and a rear red light and reflector that’s visible for a minimum of 50 metres from the side and rear respectively.

Questions to ask when choosing lights


  • What do I use my bike for? – If your bike is for city riding or short commutes, you can opt for a rechargeable model that you can charge with any USB port. If you venture out of the city and for longer periods of time, a battery-operated model might be better. If you pick the latter, make sure it takes standard sized batteries that are found in most stores and not expensive, speciality ones.


  • Where will I be riding? – Having a light mounting bracket fixed to your bike or at handlebar height is your best choice. Having a helmet light is best avoided as it can blind other riders in the vicinity and cause an accident. A single LED will be sufficient for city biking, while remote biking would be better with highly visible multiple LED lights for maximum visibility.


  • Who needs to see me? – A single constant beam of light is good for remote rides, where the chance of collision is less likely, and you need to see the path in front of you. Riders in suburban areas should use a flashing and pulsating beam for added visibility by passing cars, buses and other cyclists.


When trying out various lights, make sure that they’re compatible with your bike by checking online store options. You can then shortlist them and test them in store, before committing to a purchase. Of course, when in doubt you can always contact our team for advice.


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