We strive to create progressive bicycle designs that maximise performance form every tube, and from every angle. In carefully selecting components that complement our designs, we strive to meet our own high expectations for ride quality. We ensure that every one of our bicycles passes our stringent standards for performance, aesthetic and quality.



Norco began as Northern Cycle Industries in 1964 – in a chicken coop - and those grassroots have kept us connected to what matters most ever since.

We’ve evolved over the years, but our hard work, passion and commitment to innovation has always been how we get things done.

When we discover a new trail that we love, or we see an opportunity to make a ride better, we challenge ourselves to figure out how to improve what we do. Sometimes, we even invent a whole new way to do it.


Our history and our legacy are sacred, but the future defines the products we create.

The mountains that surround us are hard-wired into our DNA. The trails carved into them by explorers, builders and Mother Nature herself are, and always will be, the ultimate inspiration for the character and performance of every bike we build.


Our mountain biking roots run deep in every bike we create.

The inspiration we get from the mountains right outside our door ensures that dirt finds its way into every Norco design.

We live
to Ride.

Norco is more than just a bike company.

We’re a collection of passionate riders dedicated to putting everything we have into creating the best bikes for the riding we love.


We’ve been here from the beginning.

Since the first knobby tires left their mark on BC trails, Norco has been there.

This supernatural playground is where we ride every day and is the envy of riders around the world. It’s a precious resource that inspires us and guides every decision we make.

We won’t

We have an insatiable appetite for improvement.

We’ll never stop imagining and creating solutions to make riding better – from innovative suspension and frame design to leading the charge in the electric era.