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What You Need To Know About Wearing Bike Clothing

When most people think of cycling clothing, they merely think of lycra shorts and jerseys in neon colours, created for maximum visibility and endurance. Hence why people often wear casual clothes instead because they think there is no genuine alternative to lycra. Well, as you’ll find amongst the huge range of bike clothing at, there are some great cycling items to enhance your riding experience. Whatever you go with, just keep these points below in mind:

Freedom of movement

The top requirement for any outfit worn while cycling is that it must not restrict your freedom of movement. This means you want to pick a fabric that fits well and that moves when you move without bunching and chafing. These can be slim fit shorts, tights or t-shirts. The best pants options are fitted at the waist to ensure that it doesn’t shift throughout the motions you’re making. These pants are usually lightly padded to provide extra comfort for hard seats and to prevent chafing over extended riding periods. Ideal tops will be slightly longer to cover you while you lean forward in your seat.

Dressing for comfort

If you’re planning a bike workout that will put you through your pace, you’ll need to ensure the fabric of the clothing you wear is able to breathe, and that encourages sweat to evaporate up and away from the skin. There are even ‘waterproof’ options that will keep you dry from both rain and sweat at the same time.

What to invest in

If there’s anything worth investing in for your biking experience, it would be the right cycling shoes. These are created to evenly distribute pedal pressure, and many have some kind of cleats to hold onto pedals, provide grip and ultimately help you ride faster.

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