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Customise And Kit Out Your Bike With Our Range Of Tools

Purchasing a bike is an exhilarating experience. The next step is making it 100% yours by fitting it out with the accessories you want. have all the accessories you could need, and our range covers convenience, safety and everything else required before, during and after hitting the road. Browse our extensive product range and you’ll find top brands such as Azur PerformanceEVOCIceToolzOnGuardQuad LockTopeak and Proseries. Place an order online over $50 and enjoy free shipping. Here are a few of the tools that you might need. 

Having the right tools is crucial for maintaining and repairing your bike. It ensures that you can make quick and effective repairs when needed, and helps you keep your bike in top condition. Here are some essential tools every cyclist should have:


  • Multi-tool: A multi-tool is a compact tool that includes a variety of different tools in one unit. They usually include a variety of hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and chain tools, among others. This tool is essential for making on-the-go repairs and adjustments to your bike. 
  • Chain tool: A chain tool is a just-have tool for any cyclist. It allows you to remove links from your chain to adjust its length, and can also be used to repair broken chains. 
  • Tire levers: Tire levers are used to remove tires from the rim. They're essential for fixing flat tires, as well as installing new tires or tubes. 
  • Spoke wrench: A spoke wrench is used to adjust the tension in your bike's spokes, which is essential for keeping your wheel true. 
  • Cassette lockring tool: A cassette lockring tool is used to remove the lockring on your rear wheel's cassette. This allows you to remove the cassette for cleaning, or to replace a damaged cog.  
  • Bottom bracket tool: A bottom bracket tool is used to remove and install the bottom bracket in your bike frame. This is an important tool if you need to replace the bottom bracket, or if you want to upgrade to a different type of bottom bracket.

Having these essential tools on hand will allow you to tackle most common bike repairs and maintenance tasks. It's also a good idea to have a set of wrenches and pliers for general bike adjustments and repairs. By investing in the right tools, you'll be able to keep your bike in top condition and ensure it's always ready to ride.

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