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How To Keep Your Mountain Bike In Great Condition

Yes, we know that using a mountain bike is all about getting dirty, playing it rough, jumping mid-air turns and braking at the last minute. However, there are very easy, simple ways you can keep your bike in good condition without much effort. Besides, how are you going to join your mates next weekend if your bike is wrecked because it didn’t get the maintenance it needed?

Here are five simple tips you need to keep your bike in good condition:


   1.Clean it

Using a biodegradable cleaner, sponge down your bike, ensuring you get into every nook and cranny – you could even use a toothbrush to get into the really hard-to-reach places. Then, when it’s all lathered up, give it a strong hose-down, towel-dry, and get ready for your next ride!


         2.Test the brakes

 If you don’t check your brakes, you’re looking for trouble. So many injuries could have been prevented from regular brake inspections, which are simple to perform. All you need to do is check out the pads with a torch to see if the normal wear and tear is even. If they feel too soft, it’s best to visit a reputable bike centre in Melbourne.


       3.Check the wheels

 This is easy to check out. Lift your bike and place it upside-down, and spin the wheels at the same time. If you notice that one of the wheels is spinning with a wobble, then it means there might be something wrong or bent in the wheel itself. This needs immediate attention, for obvious safety reasons.


 4.Cables and Chains

 This isn’t as greasy as you might think. All you must do is see if there are any cracks, dust or rust around the bike cables and rubber housings. Also, even without checking, if you’ve had a ride recently, and have noticed the gear-changing isn’t as smooth as it should be, then it is very likely it needs to be seen by a professional bike mechanic – even just for oil or new cables.



 Tyres are part of helping you have a better grip on the road and obviously play a major part of your riding experience. We suggest investing in a good floor pump to ensure that your tyre pressure is always spot on. Besides pressure, you should check every so often if there are any splinters, cracks or tears in the tyre walls. If they need repair, the sooner means the cheaper, and the safer.


     6.Bonus tip:

 Poor suspension, as we all know, makes for a horrible ride. You want to ride free, over bumps and little hills without any aches and pains to yourself. This means that you should check that your suspension forks are well-lubricated with oil to ensure a smooth ride. If the forks are dry, or if you aren’t sure where the forks are located, you should take it to your trusted bike store and let the experts sort it out for you.


You can always contact our team at to give you that peace of mind you need to get back on the road again - safely. For more information on how to maintain your mountain bike or to see our range, feel free to get in touch with reputable mountain bike store.