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Every rider is unique. We all understand that different riders seeking similar bicycles do not always have the same bike in mind.

There are riders who take out their road bike seven days a week, and others who enjoy a simpler, relaxed weekend adventure. There are those who put our MTBs through the most impossible trail rides, and others who prefer to enjoy the freedom of the mountains in more relaxed terrain.

In the end, what’s important is that your Orbea is built just how you want it: choose graphics, gearing, cockpit and component options that best match how you want to ride.

In short, you can go as far as you want with the personalization of your Orbea – this philosophy is our commitment to deliver the exact bicycle you need, just as you’ve designed it.

Today, we want to present four people’s points of view on sport and how they understand and practice it. In Orbea, we have the arguments to adapt ourselves to all of them. And to you too.


In 1840 our forebearers, the Orbea Brothers, opened a small workshop in the heart of Basque Country in Eibar. With relentless work and ambition, the workshop grew to become the first factory in a city eventually dedicated to industry.

 Over time, the factory became a leader amongst its peers, pioneering many innovative products and manufacturing procedures. Since that time we've maintained the innovative spirit of the Eibar factory, constantly adapting our products for our customers. When guns were no longer the business of Orbea, we used our innate knowledge of steel tubing to build bicycles of all types, from the premium to the most basic.