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Why an Electric Bike?

Bikes.com.au has a wide range of electric bikes to suit every expertise and price range. We stock major brands such as Focus, Kalkhoff, Orbea, Merida, Norco and XDS.  Search and buy for your next e-bike or electric mountain bike online or our shop in Melbourne.

Go Further For Longer With An Electric Bike
If you want the experience of riding a bike with the power of a scooter, then an electric bike is for you. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to ride longer and with less effort. Also, if you want to cut down on your fuel consumption and use your bike for travel, this is the safest and most effective option available.
Why go electric?
When you make the switch to riding a bike from point A to point B, you immediately get access to dedicated bike lanes and bike parking. You get to skip the traffic jams that are common in most urban areas and spend less on fuel without compromising on safety.
However, riding a bike daily can be strenuous and if you work at an office, you don’t want to arrive at work physically tired and sweaty. You also don’t want to take long to get there. An electric bike is the perfect solution to all these problems. You can effortlessly ride up hills and against the wind while reducing the impact on your knees and joints.
Recent changes to Australian legislature mean that electric bikes are no longer classified as motor vehicles and are instead classified as bikes. This means you can purchase yours today and start driving it tomorrow without having to apply for a license or fill in any paperwork.
How does it work?
Most modern electric bikes rely on an electric pedal assist system that can be employed to provide extra power. This means you can ride your electric bike as you would a standard one, adding a boost when and where you need it. Most bikes offer a charge of roughly 5-80 kilometres, depending on the power setting, which means that you should be able to commute to and from most urban destinations on a single charge. When you do need to charge it, it only takes a few hours and can be done wherever you find a source of power.

In short, it’s never been more convenient to ride an electric bike.  

Save Money!

A recent trial of electric bikes revealed that the average person switching from a car to a bike can expect to save roughly $530 in 10 weeks or around $50 a week. Invest in a quality electric bike today and you could recoup your investment in a matter of months.   Want more information or to test one out?