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When it comes to city cycling, there's no better means of transportation than a fixed gear bike, or the fixie. Achieve an easy, comfortable ride with a single speed fixie bicycle from our range.

How To Choose The Perfect Bike For You

Though new forms of transport have continued to be developed over the decades, bikes have remained a popular vehicle amongst Australian communities. To the regular person who just wants a new bike for fitness or for commuting, they might all look somewhat similar. And this is true.

However, there are three main types of recreational bikes from which you can choose, with each having its own features that will affect the overall performance of your ride.

Let’s look at the three options to help you make a decision:

The Urban Bike

This is the quintessential “city bike”, designed and manufactured with the city in mind. Weighing in at 1.5kgs more than the flat bar bike, it is clear the city bike was designed to be robust. With this bike, you don’t necessarily have to be very careful with it since it doesn’t require much TLC. In saying that, we do encourage you to ride responsibly.

Its performance is therefore geared to durability.

The Flat Bar Bike

Think of this bike as the “sporty” one. Its lighter weight is designed with the purpose of providing speed over durability. This bike is perfect for fitness training, providing you with the speed and efficiency required for exercise. Since these are specifically designed for tarmac roads, there is no or little suspension — which ensures there’s no additional unnecessary weight.

Its performance is therefore geared to fitness and comfort.

The Hybrid Bike

Let’s call this one the “Jack of all trades”. This bike is built with a special focus in mind to enhance the overall ride, balancing the comfort and speed of the sporty bike while still boasting a good, sturdy frame. With suspension included in the hybrid bike, you can expect a great, speedy ride that will carry on giving beyond its years.

Its performance is therefore geared to versatility.

Now that you have a much better understanding of which bike will be best suited for your particular needs, purchasing one should be hassle-free. You can start on your journey now – wherever you ride takes you, enjoying the wind speeding past your face as you push on and experience freedom.

To find out more about the bike options available to you, check out our full range or call our bike experts on (03) 9529 3752.