Zefal Deflector FC50 Front Mudguard

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First plant-based bike mudguards
Up to 50% plant-based - 100% recyclable - Made in France
Originally from vegetable crops, produced locally in France, Green'Z is a new range of mudguards with a low environmental footprint.
Biosourced over 50%, the Deflector RC50 Green’Z is part of a sustainable approach, offering an alternative to fossil fuels. The material used reduces greenhouse gaz emissions by 65% compared to conventional mudguards. These universal mudguard for city and hybrid bikes offer you an excellent protection, even on rough terrain.


  • Universal front mudguard for city, hybrid and fitness bikes.
  • Compatible will all frames.
  • Elastomeric straps.
  • Quick and easy mounting.
  • Soft pads.
  • Remains rigid on rough terrain.