WeeRide Deluxe Baby Seat

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The WeeRide Luxury seat unit is made from the industrial strength resin used in car seats and has a foam style seat pad. It weights only 4 kgs and is suitable for a child weighing up to 18kgs or up to four years.

It can be used with mountain/city bikes with upright handlebars (with drop-handled racing handlebars, the rider leans forward too much for the child to sit comfortably). Children should be at least 1 year old, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds.

This bike seat is designed for casual riding on smooth, flat, paved and dry surfaces free of sand, gravel or dirt. The WeeRide child seat offers an innovative riding position so the child is visible at all times and can be heard and attended to more easily. The child is provided with a more interesting view, and the weight distribution actually works to enhance the bicycle's stability. All in all, it offers enhanced safety and a more comfortable, enjoyable ride for the child.

Key features:

  • Child is visible at all times by rider
  • Child's needs can be heard, seen and attended to more easily
  • Interesting view for child - no more staring at someone's back!
  • Child's weight enhances rather than impairs bicycle stability
  • Better communication between adult and child
  • More comfortable, enjoyable riding experience for child
  • Improved balance for rider due to child's central position on bicycle
  • Enhanced safety because adult's arms surround child
  • Easy to remove child carrier for riding alone
  • No dangling arms or legs to reach wheels
  • Rear of bike is free to carry equipment
  • Weight: 4 kgs
  • Bicycle : Fits 99% of all bikes
  • Disc Brakes : Compatible
  • Dual Suspension : Compatible
  • Podium: For sleeping on
  • Harness: 5 point
  • Seat: Padded
  • Foot Cups: Adjustable
  • Warranty : 2 Year Manufacturers
  • Satisfaction : Guaranteed
  • Little Details Count: Extra set of longer attachment bolts included.