Velo Plush Aero Saddle

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The PLUSH series offers the perfect saddle for every style of riding: urban, recreational, entry level cyclist but also sportive who need a high quality and super comfort saddle. The use of elastomer suspension systems, the double density base composition, the Velo's patented Arch tech suspension system, make of Plush family range the first choice for the most comfort demanding cyclist.

Velo's optimised saddle design for cycling enthusiasts distributes weight effortlessly to legs, arms and rear - making your ride in forward-leaning position comfortable over the long run.

Super Comfort road saddle.
O-Zone. The opening in the heart of the saddle relieves pressure on the bocy's most sensitive area and provides cool air flow when riding.
ArcTech Suspension. This patented technology provides superior support, additional shock absorption and improved flexibility.
Double Density Base. The base is made of materials with two densities, the lighter one consisting of soft inserts. This technology combines to provide maximum shock suspension and firmness, which guarantees a comfortable riding experience.
Weight: 315 grams
Size: 264 x 140 mm
Rail: Silver Steel