Super B Torque Wrench - 6 Nm

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Attain mechanical prowess with the SuperB Torque Wrench 6Nm, a must-have for precision-focused cyclists, prominently featured at Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran. Engineered for exactitude, this torque wrench is the epitome of reliability for cyclists who prioritize the integrity of their bicycles during crucial adjustments.

The SuperB Torque Wrench ensures that each component is securely fastened to the recommended 6Nm torque, vital for a myriad of bike parts including handlebar stems, seat clamps, and brake mounts. It boasts an easy-to-operate mechanism that audibly 'clicks' when the target torque is reached, eliminating the risk of overtightening and potential damage to delicate components.

Key Features:

  • Precisely calibrated to apply a steady 6Nm torque
  • Audible click confirms the correct torque, enhancing adjustment accuracy
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and a non-slip grip
  • Robust construction ensures lasting performance and repeated use

Suited for both home DIY bike enthusiasts and professional workshop mechanics, the SuperB Torque Wrench grants the peace of mind that all fittings are tightened to the correct specification. This not only optimizes the bike’s performance but also extends the lifespan of its components, especially critical in lightweight and composite materials.

This 6Nm torque wrench is a testament to SuperB's commitment to cutting-edge cycling tools. Experience trustworthy precision and safeguard your high-performance cycling investments with this indispensable tool from Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran.