Super B Torque Wrench - 5 Nm

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Introducing the SuperB Torque Wrench 5Nm: your go-to precision tool, now available at Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran, for the finest adjustments on your bike. This essential, high-accuracy torque wrench is vital for the proper installation and maintenance of bike parts, ensuring each fastener is tightened to the manufacturer-recommended 5Nm.

Perfect for cyclists, the SuperB Torque Wrench is expertly calibrated to apply a fixed amount of torque, providing a safeguard against the common issue of over-tightening that can lead to component damage. Its user-friendly design makes it straightforward to use, while the tactile and audible 'click' offers a clear indication that you have reached the precise torque value, taking the guesswork out of your bike maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Pre-calibrated to deliver an exact 5Nm torque for optimal tightening
  • 'Click' feedback mechanism to prevent over-tightening and ensure precision
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and firm grip during use
  • Durable, high-quality construction for long-term reliability and use

The SuperB Torque Wrench is indispensable for maintaining critical components such as carbon fiber frames, handlebars, and seat posts. With precision being paramount, this tool's consistent performance is beneficial for both professional bike mechanics and passionate DIY enthusiasts.

For cyclists who desire maintenance with precision, the SuperB Torque Wrench 5Nm is a worthy addition to any toolkit. Available at Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran, this torque wrench will give you the confidence to perform accurate adjustments, ensuring your bike operates smoothly and reliably with each and every ride.