Super B Torque Wrench - 4 Nm

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Precision meets functionality with the SuperB Torque Wrench 4Nm, a mechanic's dream for implementing the exact degree of torque to delicate bike components, now featured at Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran. This precision instrument is specially designed for the discerning cyclist who understands the importance of safeguarding their bike during adjustments and installations.

The SuperB Torque Wrench is a compact, easy-to-use tool set to deliver a consistent 4Nm force, essential for smaller fittings where over-tightening could cause damage. The comfort-grip handle ensures a secure hold while the tool's click-out mechanism signals the achievement of the correct torque, making your bicycle maintenance effortless and accurate.

Key Features:

  • Pre-set 4Nm torque eliminates guesswork and potential over-tightening
  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable handle for secure use
  • Enforced reliability with a 'click' alert system to prevent overtightening
  • Ideal for precision-sensitive installations

Whether you're adjusting stem clamps, seat posts or other components that require a subtle touch, this torque wrench facilitates the perfect level of tightness for optimal bike function. Adequate torque application is crucial for the longevity of high-performance materials often used in modern bicycles, such as carbon fiber and lightweight alloys.

A staple in both a home mechanic’s bench and a pro's toolkit, the SuperB Torque Wrench is robust yet simple, ensuring your bike performs safely and efficiently for every ride. Straightforward in its application and strong in its construction, this torque wrench will become an invaluable component in the upkeep of your bicycle.

Experience the precision that the SuperB Torque Wrench 4Nm offers; maintaining your bike has never been so reliable. Make your way to Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran to add this vital piece to your cycling toolkit today, where meticulous adjustments ensure unparalleled ride quality.