Shimano Ultegra R8170-C50 50mm Carbon Clincher CL Wheelset

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ULTEGRA 8100: Join the Pursuit of Next Level Speed Shimano’s new ULTEGRA line-up dives into what is ready behind the science of speed with real-world applications. Following in the footsteps of the DURA-ACE design philosophy, and using many of the same product designs, including the new addition of the 12-speed rear, ULTEGRA is joining the pursuit of next level speed.


Wheel System: Aerodynamics, Rigidity, & Lightweight The last pillar in ULTEGRA’s development is the final point between the rider’s input and the speed output. For the first-time ever Shimano has introduced a full carbon tubeless disc brake wheel line-up at ULTEGRA level. Much like the new DURA-ACE wheels, performance comes from the balance of three factors – drag reduction without sacrificing control, driving force rigidity, and light weight construction – across three full carbon tubeless options.


C50: The All-Rounder The C50 is the all-rounder of the R8170 range, with a great balance of drag, lateral and driving rigidity, periphery and overall weight and controllability.



• Wheel Size: 700c

• Internal Width: 21mm

• External Width: 28mm

• Rim Height: 50mm

• Target Weight (Pair): 1570g

• Brake Type: Centerlock