Shimano ST-R9270 Right Lever with BR-R9270 Front Brake

$999.00 $1,099.00
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Shimano ST-R9270 Right Lever with BR-R9270 Front Brake: Precision, Power, and Wireless Excellence at AU$999.00

Elevate your road cycling experience with the Shimano ST-R9270 Right Lever paired with the BR-R9270 Front Brake, now available at AU$999.00 (was AU$1,099.00). Shimano once again showcases their A-game with the new Dura-Ace levers and brakes, seamlessly integrating wireless shifting, precise brake modulation, and a lightweight, rigid caliper.

The brake levers, featuring Servo Wave Action technology, offer wireless precision. They initiate quick contact and graduate lever movement as more force is applied, providing unprecedented control and greater braking power. The wireless design reduces bike clutter, ensuring a clean and sleek appearance.

The disc brakes feature Shimano's most compact calipers, combining rigid engineering and reduced weight without compromising braking power. Increased pad clearance minimizes the risk of rotor rub, delivering a quieter ride. Get ready to stop on a dime with the Shimano ST-R9270 Right Lever and BR-R9270 Front Brake, redefining peak performance in road cycling.

Quick Glance:

  • Stop on a Dime: Experience peak performance with Shimano Dura-Ace levers and brakes.
  • Wireless Precision: Integrated wireless shifting for clutter-free, sleek aesthetics and precise brake modulation.
  • Servo Wave Action: Initiate quick contact, with lever movement graduating for greater braking power and control.
  • Compact Disc Brakes: Shimano's most compact calipers deliver lightweight design without compromising braking power.