Shimano ST-R8170 Left Lever w/ BR-R8170 Rear Disc Brake

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  • ULTEGRA 8100: Join the Pursuit of Next Level Speed Shimano’s new ULTEGRA line-up dives into what is ready behind the science of speed with real-world applications. Following in the footsteps of the DURA-ACE design philosophy, and using many of the same product designs, including the new addition of the 12-speed rear, ULTEGRA is joining the pursuit of next level speed.


  • DURA-ACE shared DNA The new R8100 series is designed for those seeking their next competitive advantage. Sharing the same DNA offering the same incredible performance of the R9200 series across all functions, empowering the rider to take their ride to the next level.


  • Wireless Simplicity The revised Di2 platform featured on the DURA-ACE series is now standard with the ULTEGRA R8100 series. Making the shifter-derailleur system completely wireless, ULTEGRA still boasts absolute reliability and confidence across the board. Making a wired connection where it still makes sense; sharing a primary battery charging from the rear derailleur, your after-ride experience is almost too easy. The STI shifter buttons are powered by coin-style CR1632 batteries which last for approximately 1.5-2 years of usage.


  • Shimano’s Fastest Shifting Ever! Sharing the superior DNA, the ULTEGRA Di2 platform also has the improved system design across its electronics. Increasing the processing efficiency between motor, gears and the overall transmission performance enabled the system to reach its fastest speed ever! Better yet, now also keeping your wireless systems even more secure, the new high security, fast-processing, low power consumption proprietary chip sets the new standard.


  • Versatile Control Interface Shimano is not just in the game to change the big things, but believes unparalleled ergonomics is about the little changes too. A raised head portion with slight changes to curves and increased offset between the Di2 buttons means you have more comfort AND control. Better index finger grip on the hoods, better 3-finger grip behind the brake, sweaty or gloves fingers are no problem! Now offering customisations through the E-TUBE app with R8100 series, connections with 3rd part cycle computers, the options to make the setup your own are endless.