Schwalbe Marathon Plus 24 Inch Reflective Wheelchair Tyre

$79.95 $89.95
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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 24 Inch Reflective Wheelchair Tyre: Unrivaled Puncture Resistance for Dependable Mobility

Quick Glance:

  • Reflective Sidewall: Enhances visibility for added safety during low-light conditions.
  • SmartGuard Technology: Sets the benchmark for puncture-resistant wheelchair tires.
  • Anti-Aging Sidewall Construction: Withstands overloading due to low inflation pressure for extended durability.

Seamless Mobility, Unmatched Puncture Resistance: Experience unparalleled puncture resistance with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 24 Inch Reflective Wheelchair Tyre, now priced at AU$79.95 (was AU$89.95). This tire stands as the absolute benchmark for pneumatic wheelchair tires, ensuring a worry-free journey with minimal disruptions.

Enhanced Safety with Reflective Technology: Navigate with confidence, thanks to the reflective sidewall that enhances visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions. The Marathon Plus prioritizes safety without compromising on performance.

Durable and Long-Lasting Construction: Benefit from the anti-aging sidewall construction, designed to withstand typical overloading caused by low inflation pressure. This feature ensures that your wheelchair tire remains reliable for an extended period, providing dependable mobility.

The Best Defense Against Punctures: SmartGuard technology makes the Marathon Plus the go-to choice for puncture-resistant wheelchair tires. Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted mobility, knowing that this tire can handle various terrains without compromising on performance.

Tailored for Active Users: Designed for active wheelchair users, this tire features non-marking rubber and provides enhanced grip for a confident and controlled ride.

Secure Your Smooth Mobility, Choose Marathon Plus: Invest in the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 24 Inch Reflective Wheelchair Tyre for unmatched puncture resistance, durability, and safety. Order now for a tire that ensures a smooth and secure mobility experience.