Schwalbe Lugano II 700 Folding Tyre

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A reliable and speedy tyre for the beginner road rider, the Schwalbe Lugano II K-Guard Folding Tyre gives a supportive form and consistent roll as you tear across the tarmac.


Featuring a protective K-Guard layer which uses a Kevlar material to fend off rips and punctures, this Lugano model works hard to keep you riding with confidence and composure. The minimal tread and Lite Skin carcass lower the rolling resistance while maintaining optimum grip when cornering and braking. 

The Silica compound construction also delivers a durable and reliable performance, allowing you to roll with longevity, wherever the road takes you.


K-Guard Puncture Protection: Made from natural rubber and reinforced with Kevlar fibres, K-Guard gives the protection standard for every tire from Scwhalbe's Active Line.