Proline L1 V2 Series Complete Scooter - Teal

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Proline L1 V2 Series Complete Scooter - Teal: A Splash of Color for the Ultimate Scootering Experience

Embark on a Scootering Adventure with the Proline L1 V2 Series in Teal

The Proline L1 V2 Series Complete Scooter in Teal offers a refreshing and vibrant choice for young riders entering the thrilling world of scootering. Designed to cater to beginners while allowing room for skill advancement, this scooter in its captivating teal color is the perfect companion for navigating the streets or showcasing your scootering prowess at the skate park.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Channelled Alloy Deck: Measuring 110 x 495mm with rear inserts, it delivers a solid and stable platform for riders of all levels.
  • High-Rebound PUC Wheels: Equipped with 110mm wheels featuring a PU core, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains.
  • Reinforced Steel Fork: Compatible with 100-120mm wheels, offering durability and support for advanced scootering tricks.
  • Durable Hi-Ten Steel Handlebars: The 58cm H x 54cm gusseted Y bar is engineered for strength and maneuverability.
  • Comfortable TPR Grips with End Plugs: These 170mm grips provide a secure and comfortable hold, crucial for safe scootering.
  • Smooth IHC Semi-Sealed Headset & Alloy Two Bolt Clamp: Ensures dependable steering and grip for consistent performance.
  • Effective Rear Foot Steel Flex Brake: Delivers reliable stopping power for controlled and safe riding.
  • Enhanced Safety with Capped Front Deck: A sleek finish and added rider safety, a must-have for any scooter.
  • Eye-Catching Teal Finish: A vibrant and energetic color choice that reflects the rider's adventurous spirit.

Perfect for Young Australian Riders:

The Proline L1 V2 Series in Teal is tailored for the Australian scooter community, offering an excellent option for young riders and those honing their scootering skills.

Why Choose Proline L1 V2 Series Teal?

Beginner-Friendly with Room for Growth: Perfect for newcomers to the sport, with the capacity for upgrades as skills progress. Visually Stunning: Teal isn't just a color; it's a statement of style and enthusiasm. Feature-Rich for Peak Performance: From its solid build to its dynamic wheels, this scooter is crafted for an exhilarating riding experience.

Experience the Joy of Scootering with Proline L1 V2 Series Teal:

Embrace the thrill of scootering with the Proline L1 V2 Series Complete Scooter in Teal. Suitable for riders aged 5+ and up to 100kg, this scooter opens the door to mastering new tricks and savoring the freedom of scootering. Discover the perfect blend of performance, safety, and style in the Australian scooter scene with the Proline L1 V2 Series!



Deck: Channelled Alloy deck 110 x 495mm with rear inserts
Grip Tape: 80AB black
Fork: 100-120mm Compatible reinforced steel
Rims-Spokes: Nylon
Wheels: PUC 110mm High rebound with PU core
Wheel Bearing: ABEC 7
Stem: Double welded rectangle extruded
Handlebars: Hi Ten steel 58cm H x 54cm guessted T bar
Grips: 170mm TPR with end plugs
Headset: IHC Semi sealed headse
Clamp: Alloy two bolt
Brakes: Rear foot steel flex brake
Extras: Front of the deck is capped for a clean finish and enhanced rider safety


Recommended:      5+ years 100kg