Profile Design T2+ AL Aerobar - Alloy

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Designed for race-oriented riders looking for the most aggressive positioning, the S-Bend extension places the hands low, while the 41mm rise allows for a variety of comfortable hand positions. The extensions have been lengthened for improved fi t parameters and the J2 bracket, isolated from the basebar bracket, allows for a wide range of adjustment possibilities. The F19 armrest features 4 positions of fore/aft adjustment and 15° of rotational adjustment, essential in providing the perfect f t. Velcro-backed EVA Foam pads affi x directly to the armrest without additional straps, so you can get on your bike and go.

Bracket: J2
Armrest: F19
Stack: 60mm-130mm (With aftermarket riser kits)
Reach: -92 to 24mm (Bar centre to back of pad)
Width: 145mm-300mm (Centre to cntre)
Extension Length Adj: 180mm - 310mm (Centre of basebar to tip)
Extension Length: 378mm
Extension Rise: 41mm
Extension angle: 0˚
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0mm with shims)
Weight: 520g