Pirelli P Zero 700c Race 4S TLR Road Tyre

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 The P ZERO Race 4S TLR is our first ever year-long racing tyre with a tubeless technology able to provide a high grip in all kinds of weather and an increased puncture protection, still maintaining the racing feeling characteristic of our P ZERO Race range. This result has been achieved thanks to the SPEEDCORE tubeless technology, our latest evolution in terms of casing constructions, and the SMARTNET Silica which holds the best formulation for wet and chemical grip among our compounds. As the rest of the P ZERO Race range, the P ZERO Race 4S TLR is made in Italy in our new Bollate factory.

Compound: Pirelli SmartNET™ Silica technology delivers high rolling efficiency, thanks to its natural anisotropic orientation, which reduces heating while increasing elasticity, to help minimise energy dissipation.

Enjoy highly reliable wet grip. The wide surface of the silica rod molecules enhances its natural water affinity, delivering confident handling on wet. 

Puncture resistance and extensive mileage. Pirelli’s SmartNET™ Silica compound features microscopic rod-shaped particles, that are arranged systematically, rather than chaotically, creating a strong, long-lasting tyre.

Carcass: The highest-performing tubeless-ready road casing in our range, with a unique design that adds an aramid band within the tyre’s rubber layer. This new structure adds strength and support to the tyre casing but retains a supple feel for minimal rolling resistance and maximum grip, compared to a tyre with a full bead-to-bead aramid construction. The tyre also features a 120tpi nylon casing for added puncture protection and maximum security.
SPEEDCORE is a new patent-pending technology 
SPEEDCORE is for the exclusive use of the P ZERO Race models with tubeless technology
SPEEDCORE is the choice of the World Tour Factory Teams

Model  Size  Weight  Casing  Puncture Protection  Compound
 P Zero Race TLR 4S  700 x 28 (622-28)  330g  120 tpi, TLR SpeedCORE   SmartNET Silica 
  P Zero Race TLR 4S  700 x 30 (622-30)  365g   120 tpi, TLR SpeedCORE  SmartNET Silica
  P Zero Race TLR 4S  700 x 32 (622-32)  395g   120 tpi, TLR SpeedCORE  SmartNET Silica