Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Classic 700c Mixed Folding Tyre

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The Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain is a gravel-specific tyre designed for mixed terrain, where the surface varies between compact and unstable terrain and all intermediate types. The tread consists of knobs with average height and spacing to guarantee excellent performance on a wide range of terrains.

The special SpeedGRIP Compound adds features of mechanical resistance and chemical grip without compromising the rolling efficiency. Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain is a high-performance tyre with unique characteristics of grip in all weather conditions, be they dry or wet, plus a high level of puncture protection.


Tread - The tread of Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain is composed of knobs whose height and spacing were studied alongside the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound, to offer uncompromising performance in conditions varying between compact and unstable terrain. The addition of specific ribbing helps support the knobs, limiting their deformation and encouraging the release of excess mud in wet conditions.

Single Compound - The properties of the new SpeedGRIP Compound are tailored for all weather conditions, regardless of whether the terrain is dry or wet. The new formulation retains the same polymer matrix as the specific mountain bike SmartGRIP Compound, improving the rolling efficiency.

Structure - Coupling a reinforced casing construction featuring a woven fabric bead-to-bead layer with a tubeless-ready Aramid bead optimized for wide modern rims, Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain offers an extremely high level of puncture protection and a new level of performance in terms of rolling and grip, as well as a great reliability - which is already what the Cinturato trademark stands for in Pirelli.



Model Size Weight Casing Anti Puncture Compound
Cinturato 700 x 35c 430g 127tpi Nylon Fabric Speedgrip Compound
Cinturato 700 x 40c 500g 127tpi Nylon Fabric Speedgrip Compound
Cinturato 700 x 45c 570g 127tpi Nylon Fabric Speedgrip Compound
Cinturato 45 x 650b 520g 127tpi Nylon Fabric Speedgrip Compound
Cinturato 50 x 650b 550g 127tpi Nylon Fabric Speedgrip Compound