Pacific Tag A Long Bike Trailer - Black / Yellow

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Bike trailers can start a pattern of the family doing things together rather than separately. Rides can be guilt-free, since there’s no issue of abandoning the spouse with the kids while going off on a solo ride. It’s nice to have some companionship on long rides…and sometimes refreshing to ‘see’ a ride through the eyes of a little person.

 Taking the kid(s) along introduces them to a healthy lifestyle. You can even take along some of the extra gear that you wouldn’t have been able to stuff into your bike jersey. 



* $30.00 to have this item built by Melbourne Bicycle Centre & Pick up in the Store


•  Quick release folding Steel frame
•  36 spoke 20" wheel with alloy rim and freewheel hub
•  Quick release hitch
•  4 bolt front load stem
•  Handle bar pad
•  Frame and rear wheel mud guards
•  Chain Guard
•  Adjustable seat height with quick release clamp