Muc-Off B.A.M! (Bottled Air Magic!)



If you’ve got a dreaded puncture, you can fix it without replacing the tube or having to whip out a puncture repair kit. Just grab a B.A.M! canister and let it rip!

B.A.M quickly inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by injecting latex foam and air into a tyre or tube. B.A.M is the perfect emergency backup that can be strapped to a bike frame using the new Muc-Off B.A.M Utility Belt (sold separately) or carried in a ride pack. Compatible with road, cx/gravel and MTB wheels as well as most tubeless sealants. Will inflate a 29” MTB tyre in under a minute and capable of sealing holes 3-4mm.


    • Pink Synthetic Latex foam sealant and inflation
    • Nozzle fits Presta valves
    • Compatible with Road, CX/Gravel and MTB wheels
    • Inflates a 29" MTB tyre & 700c Road tyre in under a minute
    • Seals holes up to 3-4mm
    • Does not contain ammonia
    • Compatible with most tubeless sealants


    • HOW TO

      1. Find the cause of the flat tyre and remove any debris 
      2. Move the valve to the 12 o'clock position and open the valve core up and check that the valve is clear
      3. Give your can of B.A.M! a shake 
      4. Line up the can with the valve, keeping the pink nozzle straight 
      5. Push up firmly and continue to hold until the tyre is sufficiently inflated 
      6. Remove the can from the valve and tighten the valve core
      7. Give the wheel a spin and you're good to go!