Moov8 Cargo Bike Seat Bundle

$579.00 $649.00


The Moov8 electric Cargo bike can be easily updated to a family transporter with the Bike Seat Bundle!
The rear seat is custom designed for the Moov8 Cargo bike and includes foot rests, side rails, rear rails and padding. 

Invest in the Cargo C2 eBike Accessories Bundle to effortlessly customize your ride, transforming it to meet various use cases. Embrace the freedom to transport your various needs with ease and style, all while enjoying the comfort and utility provided by carefully selected accessories.

Upgrade your Moov8 Cargo C2 eBike today and embark on new adventures with confidence!

(Note: This bundle is specially curated and designed to seamlessly integrate with the Moov8 Cargo Mode C2 eBike only.)