Michelin Power Endurance 700 Folding Tyre

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Michelin tyres are divided into 3 distinct lines to meet consumer needs.

COMPETITION LINE Our premium tyre offers the best performance for competition use.
PERFORMANCE LINE The most balanced performance for training use.
ACCESS LINE For occasional use.

Maximum strength: inject power into your training. 34 seconds gained over 40km at an average of 45km/h Excellent resistance to wear : thanks to the X-Miles compound tested in extreme trans-siberian conditions.

More grip: For greater SPEED when cornering thanks to the Grip Design tread and the bi-compound mixture. "Disc Brake Ready" for more efficient braking.

More protection: +20% in puncture resistance on the top of the casing, thanks to the new reinforced material ARAMID PROTEK+.

More mileage: X-MILES COMPOUND: less wear due to the special rubber mix which is resistant to abrasion and with thicker mix on the central tread area.

Weight: 220g




A tyre’s casing is made up of threads, the thickness of which varies according to the tyre range, makes it robust, flexible, efficient and lightweight. The more threads there are, the finer they are, making the tyre lighter. On the contrary, the less threads there are, the bigger they are, making the tyre stronger. TPI (Threads Per Inch) refers to the density of threads per inch.
https://www.bikecorp.com.au/documents/Michelin Technology Logos/Aramid-Proteck.jpg?u=1S2hdv
High density reinforcement in the tyre casing to provide strength at the crown and minimise punctures. Aramid is stronger than traditional materials and is much more cut resistant and is the material used for manufacturing body armor.

Rubber's characteristics give the tyre different performances. Rubbers can be either Mono-Compound or Bi-Compound.

A rubber compound providing abrasion resistance associated to a thicker layer on the crown. Increases durability (Range: MICHELIN Power Endurance).


Tread pattern designed to provide grip for fast road use.