Michelin Force XC Performance Folding Tyre

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Michelin tyres are divided into 3 distinct lines to meet consumer needs.

COMPETITION LINE Our premium tyre offers the best performance for competition use.
PERFORMANCE LINE The most balanced performance for training use.
ACCESS LINE For occasional use.

The most agile Cross-country tyre for intensive use

More grip: Excellent grip and performance due to the tread pattern.

More protection: Lightweight and low pressure (Tubeless): limits punctures due to Tubeless Ready technology.

More mileage: More mileage due to 3x60 TPI casing.

Ground condition: Hard/dry and mixed/soft.

Weight: 630g



Tubeless Ready tyres can be fitted without an inner tube provided that a tubeless wheel is used, the maximum pressure is not exceeded, sealant is added and the tyre pressure is checked before each ride.