Melon Helmet Mosaique Candy

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A Blend of Artistic Flair and Uncompromised Safety for Urban Commuters

The Melon Helmet Mosaique Candy is a visually stunning and safety-centric helmet designed for urban cyclists, skateboarders, and e-bike riders. This helmet, with its vibrant mosaic candy design, is a favorite among those who appreciate art and style in their urban gear. Available in three adjustable sizes, it provides a perfect fit and exceptional comfort for a wide range of riders.

Key Features Overview

  • Superior Safety Standards: Adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring top-level head protection.
  • Vibrant Mosaic Candy Design: An artistic and colorful pattern that's both stylish and eye-catching, perfect for style-conscious riders.
  • Versatile for Urban Use: Ideal for various activities, including cycling, skateboarding, and e-biking.
  • Innovative Magnetic Buckle: Features a one-handed operation with anti-pinch protection for enhanced safety and ease of use.
  • Effective Ventilation System: The Melon Airflow Channel System includes 12 ventilation holes for optimal cooling.
  • Customizable Fit: The infinitely variable Spin Dial at the back allows for precise adjustments, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighs 30% less than conventional BMX shell helmets, starting at just 250g.
  • Durable Build: Made with robust EPS inner and outer shells for maximum safety and longevity.
  • Size Options: Available in XS-S (46-52cm/250g), M-L (52-58 cm/280g), XL-XXL (58-63 cm/295g).

Designed for the Fashion-Forward Urban Rider

The Melon Helmet Mosaique Candy is tailored for riders who want to stand out in the urban landscape. Its lightweight and well-ventilated design ensures comfort during extended rides in the city.

Safety in a Stylish Package

This helmet is a perfect blend of safety and fashion. The adjustable fit and easy-to-use magnetic buckle provide a secure and hassle-free experience, giving riders confidence in their protection while maintaining a stylish look.

A Statement of Artistic Style

The Mosaique Candy design of this helmet offers a unique and artistic look, making it a perfect match for any urban rider who values creativity and style in their cycling gear.

Ideal for Daily City Adventures

Whether commuting, enjoying a leisurely bike ride, or skateboarding, the Melon Helmet Mosaique Candy is an excellent choice for everyday urban journeys. It offers a blend of safety, comfort, and artistic style, enhancing the overall experience of city riding.