Melon Helmet All Stars Flying Roses

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A Fusion of Artistic Flair and Uncompromised Safety for Urban Riders

The Melon Helmet All Stars Flying Roses is a beautifully designed helmet that brings together exceptional safety features and a stunning aesthetic, perfect for the style-conscious urban rider. Whether you're navigating the city streets on a bicycle, carving up the skatepark, or cruising on an e-bike, this helmet offers a fashionable yet safe solution for your urban adventures. Available in three sizes with extensive adjustability, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit for a diverse range of riders.

Key Features Overview

  • Top-Tier Safety Standards: Meets the highest safety criteria, providing outstanding head protection.
  • Striking Artistic Design: The Flying Roses pattern is both visually captivating and functional, appealing to riders with an eye for design.
  • Versatile for Urban Use: Ideal for various urban activities, including cycling, skateboarding, and e-biking.
  • Innovative Magnetic Buckle: Features a patented one-handed operation system with anti-pinch protection for enhanced safety.
  • Superior Ventilation: Equipped with the Melon Airflow Channel System, including 12 ventilation holes for optimal air circulation.
  • Customizable Fit: The Spin Dial at the back allows for infinite adjustments, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighs 30% less than conventional BMX shell helmets, starting at just 250g.
  • Durable Build: Made with robust EPS inner and outer shells for maximum safety and longevity.
  • Size Options: Available in XS-S (46-52cm/250g), M-L (52-58 cm/280g), XL-XXL (58-63 cm/295g).

Designed for the Fashion-Forward Urban Rider

The Melon Helmet All Stars Flying Roses is specifically designed for the modern urban rider who values both style and safety. Its lightweight and well-ventilated design ensures comfort during extended city rides.

Safety and Style in Harmony

This helmet doesn't just look good; it offers top-notch safety. The adjustable fit and easy-to-use magnetic buckle provide a secure and hassle-free experience, giving riders confidence in their protection.

A Statement of Urban Elegance

The Flying Roses design sets this helmet apart as a fashion statement in the urban landscape. It's a perfect blend of artistic expression and functionality, appealing to riders who want to make a statement while staying safe.

Ideal for Daily City Adventures

Whether commuting, enjoying a leisurely bike ride, or skateboarding, the Melon Helmet All Stars Flying Roses is an excellent choice for everyday urban journeys. It combines safety, comfort, and style, enhancing the overall experience of city riding.