Look Keo Blade Dual Power

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Discover the cutting-edge LOOK Keo Blade Power Pedals, your ultimate partner for enhanced cycling performance. Expertly crafted to provide superior precision and lightness, these pedals set a new standard in integrated power meter technology for clipless road pedal systems. Featuring advanced electronic components nestled within each pedal axle, the Keo Blade Power Pedals deliver critical cycling metrics including accurate power output (watts), comprehensive left/right balance, dynamic cadence tracking, and much more, ensuring every pedal stroke counts.


  • Instantaneous power
  • Average and maximum power
  • Max average power over 20 minutes
  • Normalised power (NP®)
  • Power zones (Z1 to Z7)

Optimize your training and excel in competitions with real-time data feedback that helps monitor and improve your pedaling efficiency. The Keo Blade Power Dual's ability to measure each leg's power output individually sets it apart, offering a deeper insight into your performance without relying on estimates like those from crankset or hub power meters. Perfect for serious cyclists aiming to push their limits, these easy-to-install power pedals combine innovative technology with simplicity, making them a top choice for both training sessions and race day. Upgrade to LOOK Keo Blade Power Pedals for a smarter, stronger ride.



Cleats LOOK Keo Standard
260g (pair)
Support surface 705mm2
Q factor 53mm
Stack Height 10,8mm