Knog Frog Front Light 40 Lumens - Spider Black

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A design that millions of riders around the world have come to love. Powerful enough for everyday commuting or used to complement an exisiting lighting set-up. 

Designed with Chip on Board LED technology, enabling a high intensity light that's compact, low profile and packed with features.

40 lumen output
Low battery indicator - the strap hook will glow red 
Integrated flexible mounting system
9 Modes
Water resistant with IP65 rating
Lightweight 20 grams
USB-C rechargeable 
Curved lens provides side illumination
Up to 80 hour runtime
Simple one-button operation
H: 80 mm x W: 35 mm x L: 42 mm
A full charge is achieved in just 3 hours

High 18 4hrs
Low 3 20hrs
Side Flash 27 5hrs
Full Bright 40 20hrs
Back To Front 12 10hrs
Front To Back 17 8hrs
Side To Side 17 7hrs
Rotation 17 18hrs
Eco 10 80hrs