Kica Muscle Relaxing Massage Gun

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Light weight and ergonomically designed with up to 3800rpm for deep muscle massage.
One button easy operation
4 Adjustable speed levels. From 1700-3800rpm.
Level one: 1700rpm Muscle arousal.
Level two: 2400rpm Fascial relaxation
Level three: 3100rpm Deep massage (Default mode when starting)
Level four: 3800rpm Professional mode 
Comes with 4 interchangeable massage heads for all-round massage.
Ball Head: For large muscle groups such as thigh, calf, waist, arm and hips.
U-Head: Neck, spine and achilles tendon.
Cylindrical Head: Deep tissue such as meridians, joint and acupoints.
Flat Heads: Mainly for back, waist and other large muscle groups.
Weight: 495grams
2200 mA high-density rechargable battery
11 hour battery life on first level and up to 7 hours on cylinder head second level or ball head third level.