Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp

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Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp: The Ultimate Blend of Strength and Style for Your Bike

Secure your ride with the Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp, a no-nonsense, high-quality bike component designed for cyclists who value reliability and simplicity. This seat clamp, weighing just 34g, is a testament to Kalloy's commitment to quality, offering a perfect combination of durability and lightweight design.

Key Features of the Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp

  • Material: Forged Aluminium Construction for superior strength and longevity
  • Design: Sleek Black Anodized Finish for a stylish and modern look
  • Sizes Available: 28.6mm, 31.8mm, 34.9mm to fit a variety of bikes
  • Weight: Ultra-light at only 34g, minimizing the overall weight of your bike
  • Type: Bolt-on design for secure and easy installation

Durable and Lightweight Construction

The Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp is crafted from high-quality forged aluminium, ensuring both durability and a lightweight feel. This combination makes it an ideal choice for both casual riders and serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.

Sleek and Stylish

Finished in a black anodized coating, the Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp not only performs exceptionally but also adds a touch of elegance to your bike. Its sleek design complements any bike style, from mountain bikes to road bikes.

Versatile Sizing Options

Available in sizes 28.6mm, 31.8mm, and 34.9mm, the Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp offers versatility to fit a wide range of bikes. Whether you're upgrading your current bike or building a new one, this seat clamp is a reliable choice.

Effortless Installation

The bolt-on type design of the Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp ensures a hassle-free installation process. It provides a secure fit, keeping your seatpost firmly in place during all your cycling adventures.

Perfect for Every Cyclist

The Kalloy UNO Seat Clamp is more than just a bike component; it's an essential accessory for any cyclist. Whether you're a mountain biker, a road enthusiast, or a daily commuter, this seat clamp is designed to enhance your riding experience.