Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle

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Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle: Revolutionizing Mobility with Advanced E-Trike Technology

Experience the future of cycling with the Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle, a game-changer in the world of electric trikes. Designed for effortless riding and unparalleled convenience, this E-Trike by XDS Bikes is perfect for navigating the diverse terrains of Australia with ease and comfort.

Key Features of the Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle

  • Drivetrain: Bafang Automatic 3 Speed Drivetrain for Smooth Gear Transition
  • Motor: Powerful 250W Mid Drive Motor for Effortless Riding
  • Battery: Long-Lasting 36V Lithium-Ion Battery for Extended Range
  • Design: Ergonomic and User-Friendly, Ideal for Commuting and Leisure Rides
  • Performance: Perfect for Tackling Hills and Long Distances with Ease

Innovative Bafang Automatic 3-Speed Drivetrain

The heart of the Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle is its Bafang automatic 3-speed drivetrain. This cutting-edge technology ensures seamless gear shifting, adapting effortlessly to your riding speed and the terrain's demands. Whether you're cruising through city streets or exploring scenic routes, the drivetrain provides a smooth and efficient cycling experience.

Powerful 250W Mid Drive Motor

Equipped with a robust 250W mid-drive motor, the E-Matic Trike transforms every ride into a breeze. Hills feel flatter, and distances seem shorter, thanks to the motor's significant pedal assistance. It's an ideal solution for those who love cycling but prefer an extra push to enjoy their journeys fully.

Reliable 36V Lithium-Ion Battery

The E-Matic Trike's 36V lithium-ion battery stands out for its reliability and impressive range. It eliminates range anxiety, allowing you to embark on extended adventures without the worry of running out of power. Long rides are now more enjoyable and less daunting.

Perfect for Every Australian Adventure

Whether you're commuting in the urban landscape or exploring the vast outdoors, the Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle is your ideal companion. Its stability, comfort, and electric assistance make it suitable for a wide range of cyclists, from leisure riders to those seeking a more accessible form of transportation.

Embrace the E-Trike Revolution

The Icon E-Matic Electric Tricycle is more than just a bike; it's a statement of innovation and accessibility. It represents a new era in cycling, combining the traditional benefits of tricycles with advanced electric technology. Get ready to transform your travel experience with the E-Matic Trike.

    E-Matic Specification

    Frame Size One Size
    Frame Alloy low stepover
    Fork Steel
    Handlebar Alloy
    Grips Foam Comfort
    Stem Alloy Quill adjustable
    Seatpost Alloy MIcro adjust
    Seat Clamp Alloy with Quick Release
    Saddle Comfort
    Pedals Alloy Wellgo
    Gear Shifters Bafang Auto matic 3-speed
    Gearts Barang Auto matic 3-speed
    Front Brakes HL, Hydraulic Disc
    Rear Brakes HL Hydraulic Disc Twin
    Freewheel 14t
    Chainwheel Alloy crank 44t chain wheel
    Chain KMC
    Chainguard Plastic F-Shape
    Bottom Bracket Bafang
    Headset Alloy integrated
    Front Hub Alloy
    Rear Hub Alloy
    Spokes Stainless steel 13G
    Tyre Kenda 24 x 2.125
    Rim Alloy
    Fender Alloy Front and rear
    Bell Alloy Flick
    Basket Alloy rear with Bamboo base/Alloy front with bottle carrier

    E-Matic Electrical Components

    Motor Bafang M410 36V 250W 80nm Mid Drive
    Controller 36V 15Ah Silent
    Battery 36V 16Ah Samsung cell by 2 batteries
    Charger 36V 3Ah
    Display Bafang LCD C18
    Sensor Bafang


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