How to Ride 2nd Edition - Your Complete Guide Book to Bikes & Cycling

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How to Ride
Phil Latz

Cycling is booming. But for people considering cycling for the first time, or perhaps coming back decades after having ridden as a child, the world of cycling can be daunting.

Bikes have changed. There are so many choices now and so much jargon.

How to Ride, Your Complete Guide to Bikes and Cycling is a book for beginners.

It aims to take them by the hand and lead them safely through the maze.

How to Ride starts with advice on basic bicycle terminology, and which type of bicycle is best for each person and use.
Then it moves onto enlighten readers about safe cycling skills and habits. There are also chapters specifically dedicated to cycling for women, cycling with children, how to safely transport bikes in your car, basic maintenance, and more.

How to Ride is definitely not a book for the elite or for hard core racing cyclists, although there is a chapter briefly demystifying the various forms of cycle sport by answering questions such as how the placings of the Tour de France are determined and why those strange track cyclists play cat and mouse at the Olympics.

How to Ride is lavishly illustrated in full colour throughout. There are dozens of photos showing every conceivable type of bicycle and accessory, plus a several series of ‘how to’ photos to demonstrate safe cycling and other basic skills.

How to Ride is written by Phil Latz, who with over 40 years of cycling experience, industry insight and pure unrelenting dedication is the perfect companion to help you start your cycling journey.
From the first time Phil’s feet turned the pedals of his tricycle as a child he was hooked. Cycling has gone far beyond an interest or passion, it’s the theme throughout How to Ride Author Phil Latz’s life.

His racing career started at the age of ten and included four state championships plus riding internationally in America and Europe. Phil involvement in road riding continued as he went on to create and publish Australia’s premier cycling magazine Bicycling Australia.
Phil Latz is a devoted cyclist, passionate about all aspects of this ‘noble machine’ as he puts it. He has contributed significantly to cycling advocacy in Australia and is a co-founder of the Cycling Promotion Fund.

A firm believer that bicycles hold the power to bring social change and freedom from poverty Phil has worked to not only promote cycling in the nation of Australia through local community charity rides but has helped support and promote overseas organisations such as World Bicycle Relief.