HORNIT 140 dB V3 Bike Horn w/ Garmin Mount

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Hornit DB140 with Garmin Mount

Introducing the Hornit DB140 with Garmin Mount - the ultimate combination for cyclists seeking a powerful and convenient cycling accessory. This innovative device combines the cutting-edge features of the Hornit DB140 bicycle horn with the practicality of a Garmin mount, creating an all-in-one solution for enhancing your cycling experience.

Key Features 


  • 140 decibels
  • Alerts car, bus, truck drivers & pedestrians
  • 2 sounds (piercing and car horn sound)
  • Remote trigger (safe and easy to use when braking)
  • Fits all bikes
  • IP44 weather proof

    The Hornit DB140 is renowned for its exceptional sound output, ensuring your presence is heard on the road, promoting safety and alerting pedestrians and motorists to your approach. With a maximum volume of 140 decibels, this horn is one of the loudest available, providing you with unmatched confidence and visibility while cycling.

    The integration of the Garmin mount elevates this device to new heights of convenience. The mount securely attaches to your handlebars, allowing you to easily position your Garmin device within reach, whether it's a GPS unit, cycling computer, or any other compatible Garmin device. No more compromising between safety and functionality, as this combination ensures both are seamlessly integrated.

    The Hornit DB140 with Garmin Mount is designed with durability in mind. It boasts a weather-resistant construction, safeguarding the device against rain, mud, and other environmental conditions, so you can confidently ride in any weather without worrying about damaging your investment.

    Installation is a breeze. The Garmin mount securely attaches to most handlebar sizes, while the Hornit DB140 simply slides into place, providing a snug fit. The intuitive controls ensure effortless operation, allowing you to activate the horn at a moment's notice with a quick press of a button.

    The Hornit DB140 with Garmin Mount is more than just a horn and mount combination; it's a powerful tool that enhances your cycling safety and convenience. Whether you're commuting through busy city streets or exploring challenging off-road trails, this device ensures you're heard and seen, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

    Invest in the Hornit DB140 with Garmin Mount today and enjoy the perfect fusion of power, convenience, and safety for your cycling adventures. It's time to take your cycling to the next level.