Gomier 2500 Series 26" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle - Red

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Introducing the Gomier 2500 Series 26" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle in a stunning red hue, now priced at an exclusive AU$1449 (was AU$1549). Designed for adults seeking comfort and versatility, this tricycle boasts an array of features that redefine your cycling experience.

Quick Overview:

  • NEW Easy Step-Through Frame: Effortlessly get on and off with the redesigned frame.
  • Adjustable Headstem: Achieve the perfect riding position for ultimate comfort.
  • Shimano 6-Speed Gears: Experience versatile riding options with external gears.

Unleash the joy of riding with the Gomier 2500 Series. The NEW easy step-through frame ensures seamless mounting and dismounting, catering to riders of all abilities. Customize your riding position with the adjustable headstem, promoting a comfortable and personalized experience.

Navigate with confidence using the Shimano 6-speed external gears, providing versatility for various terrains. The hand brakes offer precise control, enhancing your safety during every ride. The compliance with Australian Standards ensures the tricycle meets stringent quality requirements.

Practicality meets style with the inclusion of a basket, offering convenience for your belongings. The tricycle's dimensions, including a step-through height of 34cm, width of 78cm, and a length of 160cm, cater to a comfortable and stable riding experience. The 26" S/W wheels, Mach 1 stainless steel spokes, and alloy rims contribute to a smooth and reliable ride.

Embrace the freedom of cycling with the Gomier 2500 Series 26" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle - your perfect companion for leisurely rides and daily commutes.


  • NEW and easy step through frame
  • NEW adjustable headstem for comfortable riding position
  • Hand brakes
  • Three piece chainwheel set
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
  • Basket included
  • Mach 1 stainless steel spokes
  • Alloy Rims
  • Shimano 6 speed external gears
  • Colour: Blue
  • Step Through Height: 34cm
  • Width: 78cm
  • Length: 160cm
  • Wheel: 26" S/W
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg


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