Gomier 2500 Series 24" - Coaster (Footbrake) Adult Tricycle - Red

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Gomier 2500 Series 24" Coaster Adult Tricycle in Red: Comfort and Stability for Every Ride

Discover the joy of leisurely cycling with the Gomier 2500 Series Adult Tricycle, a perfect blend of comfort, stability, and style. Designed for adults who appreciate a relaxed riding experience, this 24-inch tricycle in vibrant red is an excellent choice for seniors, leisure riders, or anyone looking for a stable three-wheel bike. With its easy step-through frame and coaster footbrake, the Gomier tricycle ensures a safe and enjoyable ride.

Key Features of the Gomier 2500 Series Adult Tricycle

  • Easy Step-Through Frame: Designed for easy mounting and dismounting, ideal for riders of all abilities
  • Adjustable Head Stem: Customize your riding position for maximum comfort
  • Front Hand Brake and Rear Coaster Brake: Offers reliable stopping power and ease of use
  • Locking Brake Lever: Enhances safety during parking, mounting, and dismounting
  • Durable Construction: Compliant with Australian Standards, featuring Mach 1 stainless steel spokes and alloy rims
  • Large Carry Basket: Perfect for shopping trips or carrying personal items
  • Full-Length Chain Guard: Provides added safety and keeps clothing clean
  • Dimensions: Width 78cm, Length 170cm, Step Through Height 35cm, Wheel Size 24" S/W
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 120kg

Perfect for Australian Riders

This red adult tricycle is ideal for Australian riders seeking a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. Whether you're running errands, enjoying a leisurely ride in the park, or simply exploring your neighborhood, the Gomier 2500 Series tricycle offers a smooth and stable journey.

Why Choose the Gomier 2500 Series Adult Tricycle?

The Gomier 2500 Series 24" Adult Tricycle in Red is more than just a bike; it's a lifestyle choice for those who value comfort and stability. Its three-wheel design provides excellent balance, making it a great option for seniors or those with balance concerns. The vibrant red color adds a touch of style, while the practical features like the large carry basket and full-length chain guard make it a practical choice for everyday use.

Experience the freedom and joy of cycling with ease and confidence. Choose the Gomier 2500 Series Adult Tricycle for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish ride.


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