Gomier 2500 Series 24" - 6-Speed Adult Tricycle - Blue

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Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle in Blue: Enhanced Mobility and Style

Explore the joy of cycling with ease and comfort on the Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle, a perfect combination of functionality and style. This blue tricycle is designed for adults who seek a stable and comfortable ride with the added benefit of gears. Ideal for leisurely rides, errands, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this tricycle offers a unique blend of stability and versatility.

Key Features of the Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

  • 6-Speed Shimano Gearing: Provides a range of gears for various terrains, making it easier to navigate hills and flat surfaces.
  • Easy Step-Through Frame: Ensures effortless mounting and dismounting, suitable for riders of all abilities.
  • Adjustable Head Stem: Customize your riding position for maximum comfort during long rides.
  • Front and Rear Hand Brakes: Offers enhanced stopping power for safe and controlled riding.
  • Locking Brake Levers: Adds convenience and safety during parking, mounting, and dismounting.
  • Durable Construction: Compliant with Australian Standards, featuring Mach 1 stainless steel spokes and alloy rims.
  • Practical Features: Includes color-matched painted mudguards, a large carry basket, and a full-length chain guard.
  • Dimensions: Width 78cm, Length 170cm, Step Through Height 35cm, Wheel Size 24" S/W.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 120kg.

Perfect for Australian Riders

This blue adult tricycle is ideal for Australian riders looking for a practical, comfortable, and versatile bike. Whether you're commuting, enjoying a leisurely ride, or exploring your neighborhood, the Gomier 2500 Series tricycle with 6-speed gearing offers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose the Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle?

The Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle in Blue is an excellent choice for those who value comfort, ease of use, and the added functionality of gears. Its three-wheel design provides excellent balance, making it a great option for seniors or those with balance concerns. The vibrant blue color adds a stylish touch, while the practical features like the large carry basket and full-length chain guard make it a versatile choice for everyday use.

Experience the freedom of cycling with ease, comfort, and confidence. Choose the Gomier 2500 Series 24" 6-Speed Adult Tricycle for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish ride.


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