Gomier 24" Industrial Adult Trike - 3-Speed Nexus - Yellow

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The Gomier Industrial Adult Trike has been built tough with carefully selected parts to ensure it is reliable and able to withstand day to day work. Its low step-through frame enables easy mounting and dismounting. The combination of the heavy duty rear platform, generous load capacity of 180kg (including the rider) and thornproof tube tyres makes this industrial trike a hard one to beat!    


• Heavy Duty Rear Platform
• Locking Brake Lever
• Nexus 3 Speed Coaster
• Linear Pull Front Brakes
• 17mm Heavy Duty Axle Assembly
• Replaceable Sealed Bearings in all Wheels
• Heavy Duty 11 Guage Spokes in all Wheels
• 24 x 2.125 Tyres with Thornproof Tubes