Fox Enduro Knee Sleeve

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The FOX Enduro Knee sleeve is a lightweight and functional piece of body armour which is built to protect you while you ride without impacting your performance. The Enduro Knee sleeve is built for the trail rider that wants their body armour to feel like it's barely there, it's that light and comfortable. The perforated neoprene materials and multi-fabric construction is breathable and will ensure you are cool and comfortable while you're out riding. These knee guards won't slip down either thanks to their design, meaning you can spend more time riding and less time fiddling with your body armour. The FOX Enduro Knee Sleeve simply slips on and then you are ready to ride, no time wasted.


  • Pedal friendly, lightweight, slip-on Knee pads perfect for all mountain/trail riding
  • Perforated neoprene on the outside of the arm and stretch material on the back
  • Multi-fabric construction provides a perfect fit, keeps you cool and dry and prevents the guards from slipping down mid-ride.