ERGON SR Allroad Core Pro Saddle - Men

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The Men's Allroad and Gravel Performance Comfort Saddle with Ergon CORE HD®. Ergon has created a saddle with sporty performance that can handle asphalt as well as a hard-packed dirt road with the SR Allroad.
The saddle's CORE HD® technology is well suited for today's current road riding, combining ergonomic comfort without losing dynamic cycling excitement.
The SR Allroad Core's innovative saddle design offers a completely new riding experience by completely dampening road shock and vibrations, relieving perineal numbness, and greatly reducing seat pressure. This enables you to be completely in sync with your bike, no matter the route you choose.

Colour Black
Gender Male
Recommended Use Road Cycling
Saddle Shell Carbon Fiber
Rails TiNox Round
Core BASF Infinergy (E-TPU/Closed Cell Particle Foam)
Size S/M Sit Bone width of 9-12cm
Size M/L Sit Bone width of 12-16cm
Recommended Weight 260lb