Duro HF-111 22" x 1 3/8 Tyre - Black

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Duro HF-111 22" x 1 3/8 Tire - Navigate the Urban Terrain with Ease at AU$29.95

Experience urban cycling at its best with the Duro HF-111 22" x 1 3/8 Tire, now priced at AU$29.95 (was AU$39.95). Crafted with precision, this tire boasts a Duro light tread, providing a perfect blend of high performance and durability. The sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your city or touring bike.

Tailored for city and touring use, the Duro HF-111 tire ensures a smooth and reliable ride through urban landscapes. Whether commuting to work or exploring city streets, this tire offers the versatility, durability, and traction you need.

Quick Glance:

  • City/Touring Marvel: Duro HF-111 replacement tire with a light tread in sleek black, tailored for urban and touring excellence.
  • Size & Style: 22" x 1 3/8, offering versatility and reliable performance for city commuting and touring.

Upgrade your urban cycling experience with the Duro HF-111 22" x 1 3/8 Tire, delivering style, performance, and reliability.


  • Duro light tread HF-111 replacement tyre in black. 
  • Perfect for city/touring use.