Continental R Terra Speed TL Folding Tyre Tan

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For the Adventure

The Terra Trail tyre has been designed with adventure in mind. The tyre allows the rider to cut their own way through a wide variety of terrain whilst maintaining control and comfort. The tread pattern promotes control and rolling speed with built up treaded sides to ensure control through corners. The large volume of the tyre ensures comfort and the ability to run lower pressures, making this tyre even more adaptable.

Black Chilli Compound

Black Chilli is a tread compound which varies based on the application of a tyre, Continental adjust the compound formulation for the specific discipline – for road or mountain biking, time trialling or downhill racing. For BlackChili Continental refine special synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber to high-performance tread mixtures. To these mixtures they then add soot particles, which in turn are optimised in shape and surface properties. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound are produced exclusively in their German Korbach plant.