Clean Motion Rhino Dillos Tire Liner - MTB 26" x 2.0/2.125

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RhinoDillos Tyre Liners are a tough way to prevent thorns and other road debris from getting to the air in your tube and flattening your tyre. Adding a RhinoDillo between your tyre and tube creates an almost impenetrable layer of protection from punctures.RhinoDillos are not invincible, as a nail at the right (or wrong!) angle can go straight through sheet metal. But they are the toughest available and will stop around 95% of sharp objects that would otherwise have caused a flat tyre.

Rhinodillos are used between the tyre and tube. As well as for bikes they can potentially be used for golf carts, trolleys, prams and pushers. They are simple to install and come in pre-relaxed packaging - won't try to curl back into a ball like some other liners. In most cases they can be fitted without even removing the wheel from your bike. Ne Soft-Tips end prevent friction lats which can happen with other tyre liners when the overlapping end if the tyre liner rubs on the tube - RhinoDillos are designed to stop this happening.Choice of sizes available to suit different bike sizes.
Rhinodillos are avaialble in a selection of sizes starting from 20 inch.
The smaller size can also be used for 12 inch or 16 inche tyres by overlapping.