Boeshield Rust Free Spray 4oz

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Can be used on:

Steel - Cast Iron - Stainless - Fiberglass - Chrome - Tile - Porcelain - Vinyl - Cloth

For light rust on steel or cast iron, spray RustFree on a rag and wipe surface. Do not spray directly on surface, as it may cause spotting.

For heavy rust apply RustFree thoroughly wetting surface, allow to penetrate for 30 seconds, then scrub with Scotch-Brite pad before wiping off.

RustFree is acidic and should be used with care:

- Rinse thoroughly off painted surfaces and neutralize with soap and water.
- Do not use on guns or black oxide tools.
- Can dull paint or plastics.
- Can cause spotting on cast iron or steel.

Use Boeshield T-9 after cleaning with RustFree to protect bare metal surfaces.