BETO Tubeless Air Tank Inflator

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    Pair with your Beto floor pump when you need to set up your tubeless tyres at home. Charge the tank to 160 psi using your pump then connect the hose to your tyre via the valve. Release the tank and seat your tubeless ready tyre. Perfect for the home workshop. 

    • 5-seconds inflation for most tubeless tyres when 160 psi charged in the tank
    • Continuously providing large air flow to pop-seal tubeless tyre's bead onto rim
    • Bypass air channel allows air to go directly from floor pump to tyre
    • Charge valve Schrader
    • Discharge valve patented Tri-Valve LD8 Head fits Schrader/Presta&Dunlop
    • Auto/manual condensed water bleeder valve incorporated with safety valve