Basil Portland Front Carrier Rack - Matt Black

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The Basil Portland Front Carrier is a stylish choice, with an aluminium finish and vintage-style aesthetic. This carrier also features raised edges, preventing your items from tumbling free of your bike frame while you’re in transit. The aluminium front carrier is available in matte black, ensuring an effortless complement with almost any frame. Looking for a more tasteful touch for the front of your bike? Then the Basil Portland Front Carrier is definitely for you. Designed to easily accommodate most bicycle bags and baskets, this carrier ensures your storage needs are well met while you ride. The maximum load of this carrier is 10 kilograms, with a design that will fit to bikes measuring between 26 and 28 inches, with installation via a crown mount. Support is provided by the front fork bracket (for 12-13 inch axles). In addition, you can also attach a bicycle lamp to this carrier, allowing you to enjoy your bike in all light conditions. Looking to whip your bike into shape? Choose the Basil Portland Front Carrier for the ideal accompaniment to your bicycle. Looking for more essential products for your favourite bike? Browse the complete collection of carriers, bike bags, baskets and more when you shop online with Basil.


  • The Basil Portland Front Carrier fits 26 inch to 28 inch bikes.
  • The maximum load of this carrier is 10 kilograms.
  • This vintage-style carrier ensures ample storage for every bike ride.
  • This carrier is made from durable aluminium with a raised edge to ensure your basket or bag remains firmly attached to your frame at all times.